Jesus Prayer Resources

Online Resources
Well-referenced document on the Jesus Prayer; includes proof that the Jesus Prayer is not a 'New Age mantra' (p. 4)

Text of St. Ignatius Brianchaninov's On Practicing the Jesus Prayer

Online book about the Jesus Prayer by Fr. Lev Gillet

Orthodox Prayer Rope (Chotki)

Art of Prayer
~Igumen Chariton of the Russian Valamo Monastery Faber; 1997.
A self-guided piritual anthology drawn from the Greek and Russian traditions focusing on the Prayer of the Heart.

On the Prayer of Jesus
~St. Ignatius Brianchaninov; New Seeds 2006.

19th century Russian guide to beginning and advancing in the Prayer and avoiding difficulties that arise.

~Orthodox Monks and Saints; Faber & Faber 1983 in Four Volumes.

Classic collection of Greek and Russian Orthodox masters of the 4th-15th centuries with emphasis on Prayer of the Heart; for the advanced.

Philokalia: Eastern Christian Spiritual Texts
~Allyne Smith; Skylight 2006.

Organized annotated excerpts from the Philokalia which provide an excellent introduction to the larger work.

The Jesus Prayer
~Frederica Mathewes-Green; Paraclete; 2009.

Modern introduction to the Jesus Prayer.

The Way of the Pilgrim
~Anonymous 19th Century Russian; Image 1985.

The classic book about the Jesus Prayer told by a wandering Russian 19th century peasant.

Two Elders on the Jesus Prayer
~Elder Joseph the Hesychast of the Holy Mountain and Archbishop Anthony (Golynsky-Mihailovsky) of Russia, New Skete; 2006.
The Jesus Prayer is introduced with a focus on those new to the prayer.
* If your local Orthodox bookstore does not have these books here is one source.